The Mid-Atlantic region is known for its diversity of weather conditions, and no matter the weather they need to endure - summer with high humidity, heat, and rain, or the cooler spring and dry fall - FactorYZ products are battle ready.  Winter?  No problem.  In fact we have had our tank decals last for four years even sitting through winters in an unheated garage with pre-mix in the tank!  Yeah, we know its stupid - but it proves the durability of the product.

At the track, attention to detail is the hallmark of Ed’s racing restorations, to the point of some ribbing by his fellow racers.  They know who they are.  But they will also tell you that the bikes are coveted because of the detail and set-up.  Polish your ride with FactorYZ, and let ‘em drool over yours!

Now, here’s to you and hoping your wife will let you compete!


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