Initially leaps and bounds above their competition, the Yamaha YZ series ignited a war leading to a modern suspension revolution. They introduced the Monoshock and featured square, aluminum swing arms; air forks; reed valves; and a bevy of other elements - all omens of the age of modern bikes. With the look of angry hornets and led by a factory racer festooned with lightning bolts and known as the Hurricane, Yamaha’s YZs dominated at every level.

Vintage YZs are still prized by racers and collectors. If you are lucky enough to acquire one and, if necessary, restore it, then you’ve managed to recapture some vintage YZ magic. Unfortunately, a number of parts are not available anymore from the manufacturer, including one of the most important: the plastic.

FactorYZ is in the business of bringing that yellow and black bolt of lightning back to life, and is the exclusive US distributor for Concourse Plastic. We have also collected or manufactured other quality parts that were heretofore unavailable. Until now, the best one could do was to either restore or paint an original fender, or perhaps get a reproduction part that you knew just wasn’t quite right. Original front number plates simply didn’t exist. But we have what you need: injection molded plastic, made just like the original OEM versions - the best available, on the planet, period. All of our parts meet our exacting standards. You’ve done all the restoration. You’ve gone through the entire bike. Now contact FYZ for the finishing touch!


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